This was followed by a deeper exploration and introduction into Accordion, mandolin, banjo and dulcimer adding to Aaron's repertiore . These new tools were used diligently on the 2011         " One of Them " album written and recorded by Aaron. followed by "Gin Rummy " in 2013 and "Russian Fairytales" in 2014 .

 In 2015 Aaron moved to Victoria to work with Micheal FLuery  to bring a full force of banjo, didgeridoo and percussion to the mix and presently working on the new Album "Nine Lives" to be released April 15th 2016 .

"I learned to play music on the street . Fighting to be heard above the sounds of the city and tempering my playing on the rough edges of drunk and disorderlies  . This gave me a powerful voice that cuts through the mists of any barroom and backstreet . Taking this raw sound to the stage proved to be a long journey "

     After recording his first album in "Draw a Line " done in Penticton  in 2004 Aaron Goodwin was noted for his rich brave vocals and pure acoustic sound performed strictly on dobro, slide and harmonica . Bringing an acoustic act to many stages that was utilizing the traditional  blues-grass approach to playing and re-amplification . 

  These techniques required a different approach to playing acoustic guitar that many sound men and performers were unaccustomed too at that time. This lead to a doing sound and recording other local acts . In 2006 Aaron recorded a live album  for Shane Koyczan "The crickets have Arthritis " and performed on the Album.  Then playing in Shane Koyczan and the Short Story Long  and recording  "Pretty Decent Cape in my Closet" with a guest appearance fro Dan Mangan .


After a few years Aaron moved on write and record "Circle of Stones" . An interactive storytelling and musical project that mixes live art into the performance created by the audience.